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PBX Servers

MBIT sell a range of servers perfectly suited to run your phone system for many years, each PBX comes preconfigured to your specifications and with setup support to get your system up and running, you just need to simply plug it in.

Give us a call on 1300 241 899 and we can match your requirements to the right server or browse our range of PBX Servers in our shop


A large variety of phones and models are available in our shop from a basic desk phone all the way to the latest video capable phones that can meet any budget or requirment. Some brands are better suited for different enviroments if you have an onsite PBX provided by MBIT many modules are available to you for free with Sangoma phones.


Browse our range of phones in our shop here

Big Button Phone

The MBIT Big Button Phone has been specifically designed for aged care and those with special needs, it has 4 lines and is a full-featured VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone that provides voice communication over an IP network. The Big Button phone is also wireless making installation possible in places that do not have cabling. Find out more here.


To provide the full solution MBIT also offer all networking equipment to get you connected. Check out our range of Switches and Routers here.


Easily connect existing infrastructure such as analogue phones, PSTN lines and ISDN connections, with our range of sangoma Gateways and Cards.The range is available in our store or if you need something in particular or aren't quite sure what the best option is call us on 1300 241 899


MBIT Stock Expansion Boards, mounting brackets and High Quality Headsets for all compatible models. You can browse our accessories here, or if you are not sure if something will work with your model give us a call.